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CNA Financial Cites Civil Unrest as New Risk, Discloses $61 Million Black Eye
Civil unrest was the third largest net catastrophe loss for the commercial insurance company in 2020.
February 10, 2021
CNA Financial (CNA), a provider of commercial property and casualty insurance primarily in the U.S., did not mention “civil unrest” in its 2019 annual report. In its 2020 10-K, “civil unrest” is mentioned six times, including in the list of disasters for which CNA may be liable:

“ These events can be natural or man-made, and may include hurricanes, windstorms, earthquakes, hail, severe winter weather, fires, floods, riots, strikes, civil unrest, cyber attacks, pandemics and acts of terrorism.”

In 2020, CNA lists civil unrest as its third largest net catastrophe loss, behind severe weather events and the pandemic:

“Net catastrophe losses for the year ended December 31, 2020 included $294 million related primarily to severe weather related events, $195 million related to the COVID-19 pandemic and $61 million related to civil unrest.”

The loss due to civil unrest represents more than 11% of CNA’s total net catastrophe losses of $550 million in 2020.
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