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Pure Storage’s Signals Potential Product Quality Issues Following Defective Product Warning
Data storage firm makes subtle new warning after hinting at potential product defects last quarter.
December 8, 2021
Pure Storage (PSTG), an enterprise data storage company, inserted new language in its latest quarterly filing suggesting it may be having problems with certain product components. In its latest 10-Q, Pure Storage inserted new language— which we’ve highlighted— spotlighting a new risk not mentioned the prior quarter:

“ chain constraints, component quality and inflationary pressure.”

Pure Storage mentions “component quality” as a possible issue twice in the latest quarterly filing. We scanned the previous eight quarterly filings, dating back to June 2019, and found zero references to component quality issues.

The new language comes ninety days after Pure Storage seemingly telegraphed potential product quality issues. In the prior quarter’s fling, the company doubled the number of references made to “product defects”.
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