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Fluor’s NuScale Stake Jeopardizes Executive Bonuses

E&C firm can repurchase up to 5.8% of the company if NuScale stake threatens executive bonuses by dragging down EPS.

August 8, 2022

Fluor (FLR), an engineering and construction firm, holds a controlling interest in NuScale Power (SMR), a manufacturer of modular nuclear power plants. NuScale went public via a SPAC during the second quarter. Shares have risen nearly 50% year-to-date but don’t expect the gains to show up in Fluor’s future results.

Fluor controls NuScale and does not account for NuScal under the equity method.

Though Fluor sold 5% of its stake in NuScale for $107 million a month before NuSclae began trading publicly, Fluor consolidates NuScale’s results so the transaction did not trigger any recognition of gain or loss. Fluor ccounted for the sale as additional paid in capital (APIC).

It means NuScale’s $8 million loss in the quarter dragged net income down to $56 million. This reduced diluted EPS by $0.04, a metric management uses, in part, to determine executive bonuses.

Though Fluor says it has no “immediate intent” to repurchase shares— 10 million shares remain available for purchase under the current authorization, or 5.8% of the diluted share count— expect the company’s repurchase intentions to change should NuScale continue losing money and jeopardizing executive bonuses.


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