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Facebook Reveals Whistleblower Probe Has Widened
The ad platform also expects a ruling in $9.7 billion tax dispute sometime in 2024.
October 27, 2022
Since September 2021 Meta Platforms (META) has been the target of government inquiries and investigations related to complaints made by a highly publicized whistleblower. The former Facebook employee’s allegations— and release of internal company documents— highlighted the alleged negative impact Facebook has on user well being, the spread of misinformation, and other social ills.

In describing the matter, Meta inserted a brief but important new sentence in its latest quarterly filing indicating scrutiny of the whistleblower’s claims has widened:

“We have since received additional requests relating to these and other topics.”

Meta provided no additional detail nor did it elaborate on the “other topics” referenced. Later though, the company did acknowledge it had recently seen an increase in claims brought by younger users related to well-being issues based on allegedly harmful content that is shared on or recommended on its platform.

Even more concerning is the nearly $10 billion transfer pricing tax dispute Meta sees on the horizon— an amount equal to the company’s recent investment in the Metaverse. In the latest filing, Meta revealed it now expects the Tax Court to issue an opinion in 2024.
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