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Juniper Networks Signals Looming Patent Trouble
Network gear maker appears to lack confidence in certain unnamed inventions as it telegraphs potential IP fight.
October 28, 2022
Juniper Networks (JNPR), a network products and services provider, is hinting an IP fight is on the horizon. Even more concerning is Juniper’s apparent lack of confidence in certain patents or claims made regarding its inventions.

In its latest quarterly filing, Juniper inserted new language that may foreshadow future IP trouble:

“Further, we cannot be certain that we were the first to make the inventions claimed in our pending patent applications or that we were the first to file for patent protection, which could prevent our patent applications from issuing as patents or invalidate our patents following issuance, which in turn may prevent us from incorporating our inventions into our products.”

The new language was inserted in the company’s boilerplate warning about protecting its proprietary rights. The new warning does not appear, based on our checks, in Juniper’s recent 10-Qs or its last five 10-Ks..

The disclosure came after the market closed on a Friday.
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