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Axalta Excludes Seven New Expenses From Preferred Profit Metric

Coatings maker signals potential earnings quality issues on the horizon.

February 19, 2024

With operating margin declining despite an increase in sales Axalta Coating Systems (AXTA), a maker of coatings for auto-body repair shops, wants investors to ignore expenses it used to deduct from its preferred profit metric.

Previously, Axalta used Adjusted EBIT as its preferred non-GAAP profit metric. In its latest annual report, the company replaced the key metric with Adjusted EBITDA which going forward will exclude seven additional expenses from adjusted operating income:

“Adjusted EBITDA excludes impacts of depreciation and amortization, foreign exchange remeasurement, stock-based compensation, non-cash and non-service components of long-term employee benefits and dividends in respect of noncontrolling interests, whereas these items were not excluded from Adjusted EBIT."

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