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DuDil Pension protects worker retirements by forensically analyzing SEC filings to identify stocks with asymmetrical downside accounting, earnings quality, & governance risk.
We Are DuDil
DuDil is a global investment research platform that combines forensic analysis of SEC filings & investigative financial research to generate exclusive insights & excess returns.
DuDil Index
Fiduciaries use our flagship product to protect portfolios from high-risk stocks. DuDil Index stocks fall 1.22%, 5.50%, and 18.59% three, six, & twelve months after publication.
DuDil Is Alpha
Updated monthly, the DuDil Index, as a short portfolio, generated excess returns of 19.5% and 7.8% in 2021 & 2022, respectively.
Pensions Only
For the first time we’re offering the DuDil Index to city and state pensions at a special discounted price. Use it to quickly identify stocks that may not belong in your fund & equip your team to have smarter conversations with money managers.
$2,000 / Annual
DuDil INDEX clients receive:
  • Monthly Report: PDF delivered monthly containing each new stock added to the Index in prior 30 days
  • Briefs: Categorized by concern, the Index provides a brief summary of the red flag identified so you can quickly decide which names warrant additional diligence 
  • In Depth: You'll also have access, via a link in the report, to the full length research note for each Index stock, hosted on the DuDil platform
  • Plus: The trailing 11-months, a year of our latest research so you can track performance
  • You'll be billed automatically & can cancel anytime
  • See our Terms of Use & Subscription Terms
*SPECIAL OFFER: The 33% discount versus the monthly rate is available only to city & state pensions.
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