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Terms of Use

Subscribers agree to the payment terms presented at the time you sign up:


Automatic Billing

By providing your payment information to Nick Winkler Inc., (DBA: The Winkler Group, DuDil) you agree that charges will be billed to your credit card for the applicable pricing plan and any additional charges you may incur. Advance automated billing to your credit card will occur on a monthly, quarterly, or annual cycle on the anniversary of the initial activation date. Subscribers are responsible for taking action prior to renewal if you do not want your subscription to renew automatically. You will not receive further notice of your renewal after signing up for an account or subscription. Subscriptions recur monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on subscription selected. All transactions will be processed in U.S. Dollars (currency).


Cancel Anytime

You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you wish to cancel, you may do so only via your subscription receipt from PayPal, our payment gateway. If you wish to cancel, it is your responsibility to do so before your subscription automatically renews. You will continue to have access to our content until the end of your subscription. Cancellation does not entitle you to a refund. We are not obligated to provide refunds. 


Access & Delivery

Subscriptions are delivered digitally, via email and/or our website. We routinely alert members to new site content via email, but are not obligated to do so. Our publishing schedule is lumpy. Monthly and quarterly subscribers may be disappointed as our publishing goals are designed to be achieved annually and may not coincide with the timing of any particular one or three-month subscription. Do not assume our work will be published evenly in each month or quarter. Monthly and quarterly subscribers may receive more content than what's stated in our publishing goals in any given period. Conversely, subscribers may receive less content than what's stated in our publishing goals. Over the course of a calendar year, monthly and quarterly subscribers will receive access to all the work we publish.

Become a subscriber
$2,500 / Annual
DuDil INDEX clients receive:
  • Monthly Report: PDF delivered monthly containing each new stock added to the Index in the previous 30 days 
  • Briefs: Categorized by concern, the Index provides a brief summary of the red flag identified so you can quickly decide which names warrant additional diligence 
  • In Depth: You'll also have access, via a link in the report, to the full length research note for each Index stock, hosted on the DuDil platform
  • Plus: The trailing 11-months, a year of our latest research so you can track performance
$250 / Month 
$2,500 / Annual
$14,000 / Annual
DuDil+ PRO clients receive the DuDil INDEX plus:
  • Exclusive Reports: We publish 4-6 in depth long-short activist, special situation, or catalyst specific report annually
  • Early Access: Clients receive Early Access to key DuDil Index additions as they're added in real-time
  • Platform: Clients have full access to DuDil, an investment research platform providing on-demand due diligence on 1,000+ stocks 
$3,750 / Quarter 
$14,000 / Annual
$29,000 / Annual
DuDil+ INSTITUTIONAL clients receive everything in PRO plus:
  • Models & Data: Get the DCFs and Reverse DCFs we use to value Exclusive Report companies
  • Investigative Research: Access all the raw inputs used to create Exclusive Reports including FOIA responses, private investigative reports, forensic accounting summaries, & expert interview transcripts
  • DuDil Idea Pipeline: Investment ideas we're currently pursuing & plan to include in future Exclusive Report*
  • Exclusives Archive: Access all our previous Exclusive Reports*
*Annual subscription only
$7,500 / Quarter 
$29,000 / Annual
Become a DuDil Insider

Get our due diligence alerts before they're published & be first to know.

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