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There are

72 Stocks

No one should own.

But most investors own these stocks without knowing it

These red flag stocks exploit accounting loopholes to deceive investors, inflate sales with aggressive revenue recognition policies, & routinely change key metric calculations designed to hide declining earnings quality.

These no-touch stocks pose:

Legal risk to fiduciaries
Reduce pension fund returns    Unnecessarily expose capital allocators to increased downside 

Executives running these firms enrich themselves at shareholder expense— obscuring the economic health of their businesses in footnotes, fine print, & hundred-page filings that are ignored or go unnoticed by most.

But these stocks are now being exposed in real-time & instantly available to investors.

DuDil Index.png

The DuDil Index combines automated forensic SEC filing analysis & investigative financial research to identify under-the-radar stocks with asymmetrical downside accounting, earnings quality, and governance risk.

From risk mitigation to activism, investors use the DuDil Index to identify shorts, hedge, & protect long portfolios against no-touch stocks.

Excess Returns

DuDil Index stocks fall 1.2%, 5.5%, and 18.5% three, six, & twelve months after publication. 

As a short portfolio, the DuDil Index generated excess returns of 19.5% and 7.8% in 2021 & 2022, respectively.

Join 200+ Investors

Updated in real-time, the DuDil Index is a monthly report containing:

Each new name added to the DuDil platform the prior month

A brief summary explaining why

The option to dig deeper by accessing our research notes in their entirety on the DuDil platform

The trailing 11-months so you’ll always have instant access to the most recent year of our work

From revenue recognition policy changes to earnings quality issues, the DuDil Index is delivered via email twelve times a year at the beginning of each month.

Get 2 Months Free

Save $500 and get two months free when you become an annual DuDil Index subscriber:

$2,500 / Annual
DuDil INDEX clients receive:
  • Monthly Report: PDF delivered monthly containing each new stock added to the Index in the previous 30 days 
  • Briefs: Categorized by concern, the Index provides a brief summary of the red flag identified so you can quickly decide which names warrant additional diligence 
  • In Depth: You'll also have access, via a link in the report, to the full length research note for each Index stock, hosted on the DuDil platform
  • Plus: The trailing 11-months, a year of our latest research so you can track performance
$250 / Month 
$2,500 / Annual
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