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DuDil Exclusives: 2021
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New Minimum Subscriber Count to Result in Suicide by Cash Burn

On the verge of insolvency and with customers churning, this firm tapped its founder to fund a marketing Hail Mary designed not to make a profit but to prevent the company from violating a new debt covenant requirement in 2022.
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With Its Financials In a Near Constant State of Revision, The CFO’s Age is a Mystery

In fourteen months as a public company, this firm has disclosed a half dozen internal control deficiencies, belatedly filed quarterly reports twice, corrected three years of inaccurate financial statements, and now says it’ll lose up to $20 million this year after forecasting a $30 million profit.
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New Name Can’t Mask $49.2 Million in Accounting Errors

Manufacturer has corrected accounting errors in six of its last ten quarterly filings and is valued as if annual sales will top global industry forecasts.
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Revenue Recognition to Slow as Strategic Pivot Won’t Offset Inventory Spike

Expect the this firm to write down millions of obsolete inventory as sales decline just as customer acquisition costs (CAC) increase.
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Price Fixing Concerns Jeopardize Acquisition

Expect this firm's shares to fall as much as 23% as the market is underestimating the risk that the Department of Justice blocks the the deal over antitrust concerns.
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The Covert Scheme to Save an Inflated Backlog & Its Founder’s Fortune

With its backlog crumbling and a third of sales at risk of vanishing, this firm covered up its founder’s secret plan to launch a new company to prop up a decaying backlog.
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A Takeout Target Second Only to Amazon in Ecommerce

Expect this firm to be acquired for $5-$7 billion一 or approximately $320 per share一 by a third-party logistics (3PL) or private equity firm.
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Ballooning Inventory, Conflicting Disclosures, & Directors With a History of Accounting Scandals

Expect this firm to take a significant inventory writedown and report an operating cash flow shortfall that will cause shares to collapse between 18-30%.
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