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DuDil Exclusives: 2022
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Inadequate Disclosures Expose Self-Dealing CEO

Trading at more than 240x sales, this decade-old company has never turned an annual profit and is now revising years-old related party disclosures involving its CEO.
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Imminent Restatement to Slash Decade of Adjusted Earnings by $47.3 Million, or 25.6%

Expect this firm's non-GAAP results to plunge— despite guiding for its best second half in recent history— as a decade of potentially misleading earnings adjustments nears an end.
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Undisclosed SEC Investigation Revealed After Non-Monetary Revenue Discrepancy Discovered

The active enforcement proceeding, which has not been disclosed, appears related to the company’s recognition of marketing credits as sales which carry significantly higher margins than product revenue.
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Undisclosed SEC Investigation Revealed After New Clawback Disclosure

The active enforcement proceeding appears related to the company’s new Executive Compensation Clawback policy which raises the possibility of an accounting restatement due to an executive bonus scandal.
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Lost Decade Punctuated by Misstated Financials & Audit Discrepancy

With $1 billion at stake, the engineered products firm must replace management and split the business or risk having its Enterprise Value cut in half.
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New Evidence Exposes Serial Hospice Cheat

We’ve uncovered a series of new potential violations that could require the hospice care provider to repay Medicare funds or result in federal sanctions.
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New Disclosure Hints at Non-Existent Revenue

Software developer has repeatedly made inconsistent disclosures regarding non-existent revenue despite multiple demands for clarification from the SEC.
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Strong-Armed Into New Deal With Top Customer, Keeps Details Secret

After keeping the new deal with its largest customer secret for months, this firm doesn’t deny the new terms are less favorable and may have had no choice but to help its key customer fend off a hostile takeover bid.
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Inadequate Warranty Accruals to Pressure Margins

With a history of financial misstatements related to warranty accounting errors, our analysis suggests this firm may be underestimating future warranty expenses as production ramps.
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